Saturday, January 3, 2015

All about Paula....

Today I wanted to share some more stuff from our December meeting/party.  Below are two beautiful cards Paula made using the Lattice Fold technique. I have done this before, but always with flowery images - never even though of using it like this  - I love them!

And below is the card Paula made for her gift exchange.

Next is a picture of Paula making the project she brought, with the group -
And here's the project - a cute little luminary - I took a picture with the tealight off, so you can really see the image.

And then again with is lit - isn't that a great idea.  I can see a whole line up of these on a mantel - all lit up at night.

So now you see why it's all about Paula today.  Thank you Paula for your shares and a great little project.  ~Maureen

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Paula Bock said...

Thanks for the nice words, Maureen! It was a great party and it gave me a chance to practice my "demo-ing" skills :)