Monday, November 4, 2013

A Special Day with Kamili

Last weekend I had my Special Gramma Day with Kamili - I let her pick anywhere she wanted to have lunch and she chose Corner Bakery.  When I asked what she wanted for lunch - she said claim chowder and a healthy sandwich - so that's what we had.  She is such an amazing eater - and love healthy food so much - wish I was a little more like her that way - I was hoping for the PIZZA!!
After lunch we headed over to Paint a Dream and she picked a cute little pumpkin and kitty to paint.  Gramma held it while she put on three coats of paint, and then I added the kitty and mousey eyes.  The rest was all her.  here I am with my sweetie!!
 We had to wait a week - but this is how her creation turned out once we picked it up.  How cute is that.
We had such a nice time together - heading back to Gramma's and having ice cream for dessert and making yummy caramels (although I overcooked them a bit :( ). 
Looking forward to my next Gramma day with you!!!   Love you!  ~Gramma

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