Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fun with the King Kids....

So as promised today I'm going to share some of the pictures of FUN with the Kings.  We had these three little ones with us for 5 days and 5 nights - while Mom and Dad got to go to Hilton Head, SC for the incentive trip Heidi earned from Stampin' Up!   It was a great time - though exhausting - as these kids are non-stop energy.
First day at Gramma and Papa's - Makai, Zavian and Kamili
Having a McDonald's Sundae as a treat after a LONG day of errand running.
Zavian showing me his "BIG BOY" smile.
Kamili at her Soccer game!!
The last evening they were with us Kamili has the wiggliest tooth.  Gramma got the privilege of pulling it out!
My three King kiddos - shortly before they headed home.   Boy is our house quiet without them.  Love you guys!!

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