Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gramma Day with Kamili

Last weekend I had Gramma Day with Kamili - we went to the Mall where she got a giant gumball (note the lump in her cheek) -
 Then to Build a Bear where she got this cute little green leopard she named Lucy -
 Then we sent out and played on the toy area in another mall - 
Where we also ate lunch at Red Robin - it was a great lunch - but her favorite part was the cherry on top of her shake.
 Then we went home and played in the backyard - here she is on the slide with Lucy.  It was pretty cool out so she's wearing one of my daughter's jackets - a bit big - but adorable on her.
We had a great day together - my only regret is I did not get a picture of us together - which I always try to do - don't know how that got away from us, but it did.  See you soon! ~Maureen

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