Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Baking Day

A Family Tradition - the past few years we've developed a tradition of baking the afternoon after Thanksgiving. We make several recipes and then divide them up between myself, Jenee and Heidi for our families and entertaining. While we bake - the guys help the little ones decorate their own little graham cracker gingerbread homes. It's so fun to watch what they create - and much (and I mean much) of the candy makes it into mouths before ever getting used to decorate. Here is Prince and his creation - Paisley about to take a bite out of hers -
Naomi proud of her creation -
Kamili (our biggest candy eater) showing off her house -
and I guess I missed Makai with hers. She went down for a nap right after and I must have forgot - I'll have to search my pictures again to be sure.
Aaron and Heidi are helping the kids out here.
And Jenee is opening up some type of candy for Paisley here.
I love having the kids over to do this, and hope they'll want to do it for many years to come.

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