Monday, August 17, 2009

Beach Day - - Before Summer is over...

So her Mom promised Paisley that we'd go to the beach before school started - but she was so sick most of the summer with her current pregnancy - that the summer got away from us. So last Saturday, Gramma, Mom (Jenee), Paisley and Prince headed to Venice Beach. At first they were a little tentative of the water, but before you knew it they were standing and sitting on the beach and letting the waves splash over them. It was a beautiful day with perfect temperatures. By the time we got home though, I was exhausted and just crashed - something about that salt air just wipes me out. But we had a great time - and that's what matters. Here Prince and Paisley are playing in the ocean with Mom. Hope she doesn't mind that I posted this - but oh to look so good and be 14 weeks pregnant!

Paisley and Prince decorated their own visors with fish shaped foam stickers before heading to the beach - here they are modeling their creations!

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