Saturday, December 24, 2022

Merry Christmas from Tennessee!!

 Merry "White" Christmas!!
So - we woke to this beautiful site above yesterday!  So wonderful to have a White Christmas with family.  But we also woke to this - 
That is COLD - everyone I talk to here says they have never seen it get this cold before - so I guess it is all our fault - we must have brought it with us :)
We've been here 2 weeks now - and everything feels so strange.  But, I know each day will get more normal - and we can't wait to celebrate with our kids and grandkids this weekend; and again next.  So thankful for this opportunity!  Plans for today are to stay in, stamp and drink hot chocolate :)
To catch you all up - we left Prescott Dec. 8th with two vehicles and Paul pulling a trailer.  Arrived here at our rental on Dec. 11th - after driving all day through heavy rain on the 10th.  We are out in the sticks, on 84 acres of wooded land - but really pretty.
On the 13th we were able to go to our grandson, Meeko's, kindergarten Christmas program - he was a Lord a Leaping (dressed like a frog with a bow tie - that's him with the curly black hair) - so cute!!
Since then we have spent the time getting organized, seeing Heidi's family and enjoying the beauty and nature around us - here is some of the wildlife from our backyard - 
Cardinal on feeder.

Deer in backyard

More deer in backyard.

Red Fox in backyard.
Also, driving around and checking out the area -
Driving along a country road we live off of.

The sunsets here rival Arizona's!
My Christmas Cactus survived the trip - and even held onto a couple blossoms for us - and Paul put up a few lights so we have the holiday spirit just a bit here.

So - we are thankful to be here and looking forward to new adventures and much family time.  We are also sad to leave behind so many friends - praying we can all keep in touch.  Wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and New Years!  Back soon with some wonderful stamping inspiration.  Always stamping, Maureen

The reason for the season ~ the reason for everything!!
Isaiah 9:6

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