Tuesday, April 19, 2016

TIPsy Tuesday #1

NEW FEATURE ALERT - Customers (and Downline) are always asking for practical tips for their stamping - so on a regular basis I plan to off TIPs on Tuesdays and then will also store links to the posts in a special document you can find at the top of my blog labeled TIPsy Tuesday!  

So - here is Tip #1 - Mass producing layers.  I've found when I am putting together a bunch of one type of card, that it works best to complete all the components as much as possible, and then set them up in assembly line format and put them together.  This week I am working on a bunch of cards for my downline to celebrate them - and I needed a bunch of sayings punched and ready to go.
Step 1) I cut a strip of cardstock the width I would need to stamp and punch; then stamped my verses (make sure to leave enough spacing to punch them out).  
Step 2) Punch each of the items out.
Step 3) Add the dimensionals to the back of each punched circle, leaving the one layer of covering on them so they don't accidentally stick to something.
Step 4) Remove the backing from the adhesive and add to your project.  Stop back later this week to see what I did with these!

Please let me know if there are specific things you'd like to see tips on - and stop back next Tuesday for another TIP!  ~Maureen

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