Monday, April 6, 2015

Personal Post Monday

No stamping today - just Easter memories.  Celebrated with the Kings and some other family and friends.  Missing Jenee and the kiddos something awful.  But remembering all the things we are thankful for - life is so full of blessings - can't dwell on things that are not perfect.  So sharing a picture of Heidi and Aaron and the kids.  Glad they were able to be here.
Kyan, Heidi, Aaron, Kamili, Zavian and Makai
Didn't get any other pictures - not sure  how the day got away from me.  Did get a video of the Easter Egg hunt though - so have that to remember the day by.  Also wanted to share the beautiful eggs I dyed.  Just couldn't let Easter go by without a few eggs.  The rich colors come from starting with brown eggs - love how they turned out.
Hope your day was wonderful too!! Check back soon for more stamping ideas!  ~Maureen

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