Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Zamarah turns "3"

So last month we celebrated my youngest grand-daughter's (Zamarah) 3rd birthday.  I can hardly believe she is 3.  For several months now she's been obsessed with Mermaid's - that is the theme Jenee went with for her birthday.  Here's my sweet birthday girl before the festivities began.
Jenee had little underwater displays for decorations - the vases contained beta and gold fish - and all the beautiful blue tones of under the sea.
 Here's Zam soaking in the "Happy Birthday" wishes.
Blowing out her candle -
The cupcakes were decorated with the characters from the "Little Mermaid" and the flavors were pink lemonade and lime - delish!
Here Zamarah is with her brother Prince and sister Paisley getting ready for craft time.
Fun day of celebrating a fun little girl.  Happy Birthday Zamarah - we LOVE you!!  ~Maureen

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