Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Eve Traditions

This year we celebrated Christmas Eve at Jenee's home.  This is a tradition in our family to get together Christmas Eve - have yummy appetizers and desserts, open up our stocking stuffers and read the Christmas story.  Here is Jenee's tree!
Here's just one of the yummy appetizers - a cute cheese ball snowman with crackers that Jenee made - so cute!!!
 Jenee and her family -
Zamarah, Paisley, Jenee and Prince
 Heidi and her family  -
Aaron, Heidi, Kamili, Zavian and Makai
Our other Christmas Eve tradition is NEW PAJAMAS from Gramma and Papa -
 Here's the crew modeling them.
Kamili, Makai, Paisley, Prince, Zamarah and Zavian
Fun times with family - just can't beat them!!!  ~Maureen

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