Sunday, May 6, 2012

My day with Miss Makai

Last week I had my Gramma day with my grand-daughter Makai - she is such a sweetie.  She wanted to have a day just like her sister had a month ago.  So we started out at the mall - it was a beautiful day!
Next we hit the Build-a-bear store where she got the cute little bear she's holding.  It took her probably 30-45 minutes to make up her mind what she wanted.  I guess there were too many choices :)
Then lunch at her favorite restaurant - McDonald's!  Seriously, I told her we could go to any restaurant she wanted - and this is what she picked.
Then we went back to my house where she decorated her journal and drew a picture and story of how we spent the day together.
Final stop was Baskin-Robbins for some yummy ice cream.  We picked up some for her sister and brother at home, as she didn't want them to miss out  - like I said - she's a sweetie!
We had such a nice time together - she is adorable, sweet and full of spunk - you just never know what she might say.  And her favorite thing is technology - she knows how to use my smart phone better than I do.  Can't wait till our next day together sweet girl!!

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