Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Busy Saturday.....

Last Saturday was our downline meeting - and I've shared some of the things we did over the last few days. I love these meetings - they are social, but also a time for sharing ideas on our businesses, giving recognitions and doing a stamping project together. These next few photos are the ladies working on their project - here are Lisa nd Virginia - Annette and Kathy - and Virginia and Maria -
Then after the meeting I spent the afternoon with two of my grand-daughters. We were celebrating Kamili stopping sucking her thumb; and Makai throwing away her pacifier. So as "BIG" girls I took them to McDonald's! After lunch they played for about an hour on the playground - we had sooo much fun. Here's Kamili coming down the slide -
Then it was Makai's turn - And here are the two them just having a great time. Nothing better than being a Gramma I say! That was just the beginning of the weekend, as Sunday was Zavian and Makai's birthday party. By Monday I was exhausted :)

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