Monday, March 14, 2011

Final SSS gifts for this month -

Okay so here is the last round of our Secret Sister gifts for this month. NOTE: I reserve the right to show one more - Virginia will get hers from Lyn late as Lyn was out of town for the meeting - so watch for that to come :) Here is Karen's gift from her Secret Sister Heidi - Heidi etched a clover in the side of the beer mug, then filled the mug with "green" bliss candy. This is so cute. You can see more of Heidi's work at - Next is my amazing gift from my Secret Sister Theresa - She made me this lovely box with my initial on it in my favorite color - YELLOW!! And as if that weren't enough, so filled it with tons of matching notecards - which I always, always need. Julie - thank you so much!! You are amazing! For more of her work go here -
And here is my gift to Lyn -
I used the embossed inlay technique to add this shamrock to the top of a little green tin - Then filled it with her own pot of gold - actually chocolate, caramel candy - but we can pretend. Hope she liked.
See you all soon!!

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helloholley said...

wow! lots of great projects!!! Thanks for all the inspiration!!! ;)