Monday, March 28, 2011

Club - Baby Wipe Technique

This month at our club we did the Baby Wipe technique three ways - here is the card with instructions that went into our binders. After putting ink drops onto the baby wipe - the first image is made by stamping directly down on the pad; the second is made by wrapping the baby wipe around a clear block and stamping directly onto the cardstock and then stamping an image on top of it (I came up with this idea while playing and love how it looks); and the third is made by swiping the baby wipe across the cardstock.Here is the greeting card we made using the technique - the butterflies were stamped onto the pad of the baby wipe, and then the under layer was made by swiping the baby wipe. I love the look as you never know what you'll get - this one almost looked like a sunset. Also, notice the black pearls - they were made by coloring SU pearls with a black sharpie - pretty cool, huh?!? Here is a close-up of the colors on the butterfly - so pretty!
I'm currently taking sign-ups for my next round of club that will begin in May 2011 - we'll be continuing techniques. See full details here -

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