Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Special Day with Paisley...

So I try to have a special day with each of my grandkids at least once a year beginning when they potty train. I started this a couple years ago - and it is so wonderful having great one and one time with them. So last Saturday was Paisley's day. I try to give them a few choices and she wanted to visit the zoo at Moorpark College - the college I work at. They have the most wonderful Exotic Animal Training program - and the zoo is open to the public -so we went. Here is the great horned owl -and a beautiful mountain lion -and couple of adorable burros - Here's a picture of Paisley in front of the set where they did their little show for us -There was a nice lady there who took a picture of the two of us together - isn't she a cutie!?And we finished the day with an Ice Cream cone and took a scoop home to brother, Prince, who loved it! Until our next special day - Paisley it was great spending time with just YOU!

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