Monday, July 26, 2010

Convention Check In Day

Hi all - sorry I haven't posted in a couple days. I came home from an amazing Stampin' Up! Convention on Sunday and was exhausted. I didn't even realize how tired until I got to my own home and sat down - and wow - it hit me. So I slept instead of blogging - forgive me.
Here's our little Zavian (Heidi's baby) on his first plane ride to Salt Lake City. Isn't he a doll. He cried both ways before getting on the plane - but once the plane started, slept all the way - and then cried again when we landed. I've got to say a plug for Southwest - as we took it both ways and the flights were great! The first night was our Flower Power party - we arrived to an entire room all decorated in these bright colors and tables with flower arrangements. There were demonstrations going on, game show try-outs, games to play and win prizes, costume contests and more - such fun!
Here are a few of our gals trying out the hula hoop. Theresa - Shawna -
Toni - And here is Diane showing of her 60's duds - You ladies are braver than I :)
Here's our group - Toni, Shawna, Julie, Heidi, Diane, Sandy, Me, Theresa and Bobbie. I'm so glad you all went. Next year - the rest of you out there need to set a plan to join us!

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Julie said...

I love using the hula hoop. Weighted ones are eaiser to use!