Thursday, July 22, 2010

Convention Notebook

So our little group of Convention attendees got together a couple times over the last few months to plan for and get ready for convention. At our last meeting we made these adorable little notebook folders, from a file folder. This is a direct copy of the tutorial on splitcoast stampers at Here the folder is opened up. It's held closed by magnets and on the left side is a pocket. We also decorated RSVP pens to match. It will be great for taking all those notes at convention. Plus you all know me and my coffee addiction - so I need my own Starbucks cup along and I just had to decorate it to match. I wanted to add some flowers, but the folder is a thicker material so it was all that would fit. I still think it looks great!

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Pursuit of Stampiness - Calgary, Canada said...

What a fun idea to decorate that Starbucks cup..Love the color choice. Thanks for sharing.. I added myself to your list of blog followers. You are welcome to take a peek at my blog. Enjoy the rest of your day.
Take good care, Pauline