Saturday, September 30, 2017

Magnetic Frames - quick tip!

Hi all -So today I'm just sharing a quick tip that has helped me tons!   Seems like so many times when I did a class with the Big Shot my dies would get lost, and we'd be spending time crawling around on the ground to find them.  So I made up three of these quick and easy magnetic frames.  They are just Dollar store frames that I removed the glass from and instead inserted a sheet of magnetic paper cut to size.
Then I put the backing back on.  They lay flat on the table, and I set them next to the Big Shot with the dies I am using for any given project.  I have three - so that if I have several projects I can put each on a different frame.  These have worked like a charm to eliminate lost dies at classes.  Hope it helps you too!  ~Maureen

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