Saturday, April 22, 2017

Autism Matters Blog Hop #3

Thank you for joining us today on this amazing hop that we are doing to bring awareness to AUTISM!
"1 in 50 Children living in the US has a diagnosis of 
Autism Spectrum Disorder"
 Considering all the troubles I had earlier with my last post - hoping this goes well.  We have had nothing but computer trouble this week - argh!  But life is like that - and for those who are living with autism - there is just one more layer of frustrations.  So I'm hopeful on this one.  Today I'm sharing another adorable and simple birthday balloon card!  These cards just make me smile.  It's a little off the autism colors - but does use the brightness of the yellow - which is my fav!!!
 Bottom line is - life is beautiful!  Let's take time to enjoy the small things - hug a little longer, smile at a cute card, put your arm around someone who is down.  We're all in this together folks - let's make a difference.

 I hope you like the card and will check out the other blogs on the hop, but first -
Please consider donating to this worthy cause - every $1 helps with research and awareness. When you click on the link below - be sure to choose me off the list when you donate.  Thanks so much!!!

10- Tammy Fite 


Billie said...

Loved hopping along with you today Maureen!...B!

Maureen said...

Thanks Billie! I'm just getting on to do comments!

Heather Wright-Porto said...

Awwww sweet card xoxoxo