Thursday, May 25, 2017

Celebrating our newest grandchild with fun!!

So I promised last post that I would share some of the fun decorations we made for Heidi's shower.   The theme was an old fashioned carnival of sorts - with lots of pinwheels and medallions.
Below was one centerpiece made with balloons, medallions, pennants, Cracker Jacks, Animal Crackers and entry tickets.  Note the little party hat on the elephant!
We had a sweets bar with fun treats - peanuts, cotton candy, zebra caramel corn, more Cracker Jacks and more animal crackers.  Note the cute chain below made with the roll of tickets.
Around the room we placed clusters of these medallions and pinwheels with ribbon hanging down.
My daughter is an amazing baker and didn't want store bought - so she made and decorated her own cake and cupcakes - homemade vanilla and lemon cake - buttercream frosting with sprinkles, animal crackers and a few pinwheels and pennants.
Here's another view of the sweets - note the clear balloons - they had colored confetti in them - so cute!
This was the favor that was given to each person attending -
We put them in little strawberry baskets with a pinwheel attached.
It was a really fun and nice day celebrating the anticipated arrival of our 8th grandchild due in June.  Can't wait to meet this new little guy.  Hope you liked the decorations!  Stop back soon.  ~Maureen

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