Monday, April 25, 2016

Personal Post Monday!

When we were in California recently I had time to sneak in a Gramma Day with our precious Miss Makai.  Papa wanted to tag along, and Makai wanted him along - so it became a Gramma/Papa day!  We took her to Paint a Dream to do some painting -
Here she is having fun painting her creation -she always has a ready smile -
Sometimes it takes awhile to get all the "creativity" done, so Papa decided to get a little catnap while waiting. 
All done painting - now it will be glazed and fired - and she can pick it up in about a week.
Here's a picture of the three of us - so wonderful being a Gramma!
Then it was off to dinner with her at Red Robin restaurant - she had chicken strips and fries -
And a yummy rootbeer float!!  Just look at that happy face -
Had such a wonderful time - on the way home we stopped and picked up a half gallon of Cookies and Cream Ice cream to share with the rest of  her family.  So glad we were able to get this time in with her.  Love you baby girl!  ~Maureen

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