Saturday, July 9, 2011

Milk Can Tables

I just had to share this post - these three milk cans came with us to California from Wisconsin in 1983. They were actual milk cans used on my husband's family's dairy farm while he was growing up. They' just been sitting around in different parts of the yard, and we decided to make good use of them. My hubby is amazing. I mentioned that I would like to use them as tables for guests when we have get-togethers here. But they needed table tops - and immediately he got to work and made these.

Because the cans are truly antiques he didn't want to damage them by hammering or drilling into them, so he made removable tops for them. They fit very snug, but can be removed whenever we want to take them off. Isn't he the best!!

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Shari Winterstein said...

Oh my stars - I remember milk cans from my Grampa's dairy farm. You hubby does what mine does. When I say I would like _________, off to the wood shop and I have _______. Aren't we blessed! Have a great time at convention. Looking forward to those pictures. Thanks for blessing my day and thanks for the memory. :)