Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday Morning Musings - Life can be .....

Life has been a little tough this week - but beautiful!  First just wanted to share this yarn bowl hack I found on Facebook.  I've been crocheting a lot this week for the Veteran's and came up with this bowl (pretty heavy which you need, and a big clip.  Just feed the yarn through the clip and you have a perfect yarn bowl.  Our cat also decided she really likes yarn, and took about 10 of my scrap balls out of my basket yesterday and had them all over the house -oi vay!!
So this week - had field trips, stamp classes, family drama, hubby threw out his back, I have a bad sinus cold (thus the relaxing and crocheting), and more - but I know God is in control.  Part good, part bad - but all LIFE!  But I did want to show all the Spring beauty that is popping up around us.  Seeing this in my own yard - just has to bring a smile to my face - enjoy!

We've also picked some of our first radishes from the garden this week.  Just letting the SONSHINE in and keeping smiling!  See you soon, Maureen

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