Thursday, May 5, 2016

Quick - and I mean Quick!!!

So recently there was a miscommunication on a class I had scheduled at a local crafting shop.  Sign-ups were going to someone else, and I had thought they would be going to me.  So - since I had no sign-ups I didn't plan and went out to my garden to plant.  Then at the time when the class was supposed to start - I received a call that there were ladies there waiting for me.  Soooo I couldn't let them do - so this is part of what I came up with - 
In less than about 40 minutes - I planned a card, put together all the supplies, washed up, got dressed (was in gardening clothes), put on makeup, packed up everything and drove the 10 minutes to the class location.  The ladies really seemed to like this quick and easy card.  I was proud of my self for being able to pull it all together that quickly.  Needless to say - we've got all the reservation stuff worked out :)  Thanks for stopping by!  ~Maureen

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CariBerry said...

Whoot Whoot! Love it!