Monday, August 1, 2011

Some more birthday goodies -

So I wanted to share a couple more things from my Birthday - some are not handmade - but they are lovely cards I received - this first one from my Mother in law - I could see casing this and make a card - how about you? The next was from our cousins Connie and Dave - wow - that could be stamped too -

This lovely one was from my Sister in Wisconsin along with a beautiful little "Sister" plaque - thanks Sis - miss you!This vintagy card was from my downline Maria - so pretty - And the next two were from my daughters - this first created by Heidi - love it!!And the next from Jenee - Paisley picked it out and included a sweet personal note in it - love it - Finally - here is the giant mug I got from all the grandbabies - how cool is that. First you all know I LOVE coffee and this mug is 6" tall - it would hold about a liter of coffee :) But I'm probably going to use it for pencils etc, as I don't want those precious handprints of each of the grandkids to wash off -


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