Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Family Pictures 2010

Each year we do a family picture around the holidays. It's usually crazy with all the little ones - but this year went perfectly. We all did our pictures, all went to dinner, and then all came back to pick up the pictures -- and no one cried, or fussed or fought - it was wonderful :)

Here a picture of my honey and me - it's our 36th Christmas together - and I love him as much as ever - maybe more! Don't know what that little spot is on his forehead, I think it was from the scan. I'm going to have to scan that picture again and get rid of it.

This picture I love - it's all six grandkids and to even have them facing the same direction is a miracle. It's Prince, Kamili, Zamarah, Zavian, Makai and Paisley - how terrific are they?!?! And this is my favorite picture - me surrounded by the entire crew - Heidi's family to the left of the picture, Jenee's family to the right, and Paul and I in the middle. Makes my heart warm just to look at it. Thanks for bearing with me as I share the loves of my life.


Crystal said...

Awww, family pics. :) I really love how these turned out and I know what a task it can be to get all kids looking in one direction! lol Thanks for sharing!

PS - Followed you here via SC Blog thread.

Shari Winterstein said...

These are wonderful pictures - I'll take one of the kids. You have adorable (and handsome) grandchildren. Thanks for blessing my day and warming my heart. :)