Monday, August 15, 2016

Personal Post Monday...a few tears and lots of faith

So today I said goodbye to these four as they started out on a journey at 6AM, that will take them over 1600 miles away.  I have to admit .... I felt like shedding a few tears - but did not.  Instead I took time to pray for God to keep them safe and that this adventure will bring them nothing but blessings!!!  My faith sustains me through good times and bad.  Thank you God for those I love.
So in the past two weeks I have had three Gramma days - trying to get a special day in with each of them before they left, as it could be a year before I get a chance again.  Here I am with Paisley - she chose Golden Corral for lunch and painting at Jarz of Clay.
Next I had a great day with Prince - he wanted to see the new DC comics movie "Suicide Squad" and so we did -then headed to Subway for dinner.
Finally I had a day with Miss Zamarah - who also chose Golden Corral - because she loves all the desserts.  Then we too went painting at Jarz of Clay.
Had an amazing time with each of them - time to talk and get to know them better - time to let them know how very much they are loved.  Thank heaven for Facetime :)  See you all soon!  ~Maureen

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