Monday, May 18, 2015

Personal Post Monday .....

Had an amazing Gramma Day with this pretty girl - my grand-daughter, Makai.  We had such a fun time together - we went to the mall where she got these cute earrings that glow in the dark.  When we got home we quickly went to a dark closet to check out the claim, and sure enough - they glow!  Isn't she adorable!
She wanted lunch from one of her favorite places - Jersey Mike's subs  - so Jersey Mike's it was.
Then we went off to paint at a local creative store - she picked out this heart placque for her room and painted it in vibrant neon colors -finishing it off with a glaze of sparkles!  Turned out great!
Then finished the day by getting some frozen yogurt that was really, really yummy.  She was so much fun to be with and talk to and just hang out.  Can't wait to do it again - love you baby!!! ~Gramma

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