Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorial Day Fun!

This week we had a little backyard BBQ at our home here in Southern California- and it will likely be the last we host here.  Our house has sold and if all goes as planned we'll be moving officially to our home in Prescott, AZ the last weekend in June.  It is all so exciting - but lots of work to do.  We have been packing and most of my cute and personal stuff is put away already so our house seems a little cold and less like home to me - so I was thrilled when my daughter Heidi brought me this adorable little decorated basket of candies as a hostess gift to put out. The red-white and blue significant on this day of remembrance.
Also, my friend Elaine, brought me this pretty bouquet - so I was able to have some color in the house.  Even without all the extra normal personal stuff I'd have it out - it was a wonderful day of celebration.  Once we move we'll be farther way from our girls their families and that is going to be tough - so will just have to make the most of every moment we do have together.
Hope you had a great day of remembrance and celebration also!  ~Maureen

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