Sunday, June 13, 2010

June SSS Gifts - Final

So here are the final two Secret Sisters gifts that were received at the last meeting (I hope I didn't miss anyone - if so please send me the photo of what you received.) This was Lyn's gift - it is a box of beautiful cards. Here's the box - and then, here's the matching cards - sooooo nice!Last but not least is the gift Toni got from her Secret Sis - Here is the beautiful package and card that came with it.
And then the wall hanging - it was so well done. I can't make out the words anymore (shouldn't have waited so long to post it :) - but I think it was things like "create" "imagine" etc. I know she has it hanging in her stamp room where it is an inspiration to her. All the items were soooo nice.

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Jeri said...

I didn't see Denise's SSS gift. Did Lisa not send a pic?