Saturday, June 5, 2010

CSL June Challenge

This month's card challenge was set by last month's winner Julie - it was to make your best card with 3 dimensional flowers - any type on it. The entries were even more amazing than usual - here is the first from Maria - there is shading and shimmering and just pure lovelyness here. Then is Lisa's beautiful entry with her Stargazer lilies and roses with chuny glitter - the picture does not pick that up well - it just sparkled.
Then Julies bright and sunny card with her flower made out of circle punches - so pretty.
And Jeri's entry of a bird of paradise - I'd never seen that done before - so nice.
Finally - our winner - from Heidi - she did her interpretation of a hydrangea. Notice all the detail - using the little flower punch in our mini punch trio. Her leaves are hand cut and beautiful. An amazing card amoung some amazing competition.

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