Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Morning Musings -

The house is really quiet this morning as Jenee and the kiddos are off for a week of vacation plans during Spring break.  So - it's just Paul and I - although I miss them all - it's kind of nice :)  This is Jenee's mug I'm using - it so fits her personality.  But since they're gone - for this week - I'm Queen of Everything - lol!
So here's my thoughts for this Sunday - Spring is a coming!!!  My ornamental plum tree is full of these beautiful blossoms and it just makes my heart smile.  Also, all my iris plants have sent up their wonderful green leaves - can't wait till they are in full bloom. 
Here's a picture of three of my lovies - Zamarah, Prince and Paisley - in front of that tree this week.
And then had to share a picture of my other four lovies - Kyan, Makai, Zavian and Kamili - at their house, ready for Dr. Suess day at school.  Heidi actually made those costumes out of felt and puff paints - truly amazing.  I am so blessed with these seven amazing grand-kids!
Now Paul and I are off to church and a few other errands and then having a relaxing Sunday together.  Yesterday was crazy getting laundry and packing, etc. done for the crew.  Plus she had a photo appt. for the kids and I had an open house for my stamping classes at the local Joann's - all after a couple weeks of  me being sick - so a day of rest is just want I needed.  See you soon! Have a blessed Sunday! ~Maureen

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