Wednesday, February 24, 2016


So... you all know I'm committed to "bringing birthday's back" with a hand-stamped card to anyone who would like one.  If you have not let me know yet, but would like a card from me - well - what are you waiting for - let me know - lol!!!
Above is a cute stamp I purchased, to let you all know I'm on this mission.  This whole movement was actually started by a Stampin' Up! employees - Shannon West - and she designed her own stamp that will soon be available for purchase from Stampin' Up! - so watch for more on that.

In the meantime - I'm working on my first batch to go our for those March birthdays - my list is up to 147 now - so if you want to be added - just let me know!
Also, if you ever know of someone who could just use a card - maybe someone in the military, or going through a tough time, or whatever - just let me know.  I'll do my best to get them one!  Love in an envelope!  See you all soon - off to address some cards!! ~Maureen


claudia said...

What a great idea!!!!
I make so many cards to send out, but receive only a few. I would love a card from you.
How do I sign up??

Maureen Rauchfuss said...

Claudia - on the right side of my blog is a link to email me - send me your name, address and mm/dd of birth - and I'll get a card off to you for your special day!