Monday, January 18, 2016

Personal Post Monday - Gramma Day with Prince

So we had another great Gramma (and Papa) day with this amazing kiddo.  Prince is just such a great kid - so polite and kind and just a joy to be around.  He wanted to go to Red Robin for lunch as he really wanted a shake!  So Red Robin it was.  Here he is - a boy and his shake - lol!
Papa wanted to tag along as after lunch we were headed to the new Star Wars movie - the Force Awakens.  So here the two of them are waiting for food to arrive.

The theater is really nice here - spacious and reclining seats - Me and Prince and Papa and Prince getting ready for the movie to start.
The movie was a hit - we all enjoyed it!  Had to get a quick picture of him with the sign at the theater before heading out to check out Legos at the store.  He's saving his money for something big - so we just went home with Skittles treat for the girls.  But it won't be long and he'll have saved and gotten the set he wants.
Thanks hon - for a great day!!!  Can't wait till next time!  ~Gramma

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