Monday, September 14, 2015

Personal Post Monday - I've been crocheting :)

I do love lots of different crafts - and even though I'd say stamping is my favorite - in the evenings, while relaxing and watching TV I love to crochet.  I can pretty much do it without looking down much - so I can enjoy TV and accomplish something at the same time.  Today I wanted to share some of the afgans I have made over the last year.  The first I gave to my daughter, Jenee - I picked the colors and she liked it - so it was hers.  But I think if she wants I'll let her pick out colors and make her another more personal for her.
So after showing my other daughter, Heidi, what I had made, I asked if she'd like one and she said yes, and she wanted me to pull out some of the colors from her pillows on her couch - so I did - and below is her finished afghan.
So after making hers I had a bunch of yarn left - so I made up this afghan below.
And by then my scrap yarn basket was pretty full - so I decided to make an afghan up just of scraps - and here it is.  I actually really like how it turned out.  No rhyme or reason - just stripes of scraps.  And it is all double crochet - so nice and warm.  I'm sure it will be used in the winter months ahead.
Now I think I'll work on some baby afghan's for gifts next.  Thanks for letting me share another one of my hobbies with you today.   Just one of many things that makes me happy and thankful.  Also wanted to let you know that on Friday, September 25, I'll be participating in the Fall 2015 "Coffee Lovers Bloghop" - so be sure you stop back for that.  You'll be able to hop through hundreds of blogs seeing great card designs - so don't miss it!!  ~Maureen

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