Monday, September 7, 2015

Personal Post Monday - Happy Labor Day and more!!

Hope everyone is having a great day - time off of their "labor" to celebrate with family and friends.  Stay safe out there.  Just a special thank you to all our first responders who are still hard at work on their jobs today - keeping us all safe - we are grateful for your service to our communities.
Elaine's sister, Sharon - Elaine, Marc and my hubby, Paul
A couple weeks ago (Aug. 22) we were back in Southern California to celebrate the wedding of Paul's brother, Marc and his lovely new wife, Elaine.  It was a wonderful celebration of love and so glad we got to be there with them. Check back soon to see more of the decorations, etc.
Terry and Julie
One of my husband's friends that we have not seen in many, many years was able to make the trip from Wisconsin to California with a friend of his, Julie, to be at the wedding.  Terry (above left) stood up at our wedding nearly 40 years ago.  It was so good to see them and catch up!
Then on Sunday we were able to celebrate a special birthday with the beautiful "9" year old above - Miss Kamili was so happy we were able to be there.  I am so glad too - as these years pass by so quickly.   She's holding the gift from us.  Isn't she adorable!?! Both of my daughter's and all my grandkids were there - so it was wonderful family day for me.

Then on Monday, my youngest grandson, Kyan ( not quite 2 1/2) and I had our very first "Gramma" day.  Each grandchild gets their first "Gramma" day with me (usually a trip for ice cream) when they are potty trained - and he accomplished that milestone!  So off to McDonald's we went for a Sundae!
Just look at that adorable face - he just melts my heart - and he LOVES his gramma!  The tattoos are from Kamili's party the day before - football on one check - basketball on the other :)
Of course we also had to have a little play time.  It was such a fun time with him and he was happy the whole time - lots of smiles and giggles - and "watch me Gramma".  They just grow up so fast, and now that we're farther away we need to fit in as much "grandbaby" time as we can when we are there.  Then that evening we had a card buffet for my wonderful Cali customers - I've been posting cards from that event on and off - more this week.  What a great trip!!   See you all soon!  ~Maureen


Marianne B in AZ said...

Maureen, wow was I surprised! I found you because of something on Pinterest. I am also a SU Demo, although I'm a hobby demo. I decided to take a look at your blog and found out you recently moved to Prescott! I live in Dewey, not too far from you! I will look you up and see if perhaps we can get together sometime.

Maureen Rauchfuss said...

Marianne - just saw this comment - sorry :) I forget to check. Would love to get together some time!!