Monday, April 27, 2015

Personal Post Monday - Double Ninja Turtle Party

This past weekend we celebrated two of my grandson's birthdays with a Ninja Turtle Party - and Heidi (my daughter) outdid herself as usual.  Here's a picture of the candy buffet complete with Ninja turtles keeping an eye it, and a great banner.
Kyan (2) blowing out his candle

Zavian (5) blowing out his candle
Nunchucks station
Ninja Turtle cake - just makes me smile

Kyan nearing a sugar high
Zavian with his home made nunchucks
Ninja Turtle goodie bags for all
It was a fun day with family and friends (lots of friends) despite the drizzle and wind.  Happy birthday boys!!!  Love you so ~Gramma

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Mary R. said...

wow she out did her seft on that little ones b-day party i know the boys loved it ....thnk you mommy we know you love them kids.
MaryR your moms friend