Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weekend Fun!!

This past weekend Paisley had her first sleepover with some of her girlfriends for her birthday, so Prince and Zamarah came over to spend the night with us.  Prince LOVES handball - and I couldn't resist snapping these pictures of him.  I think he hates using the 'pink' ball -but it is the only one we have that has air in it :)

Then later Papa, Prince and Zamarah polished off two big bowls of popcorn.  I don't know which loves popcorn more Papa or Prince - but they really do LOVE it!
Also snapped this picture of Zamarah playing on the little school bus - this bus has gone through 6 grand-kids and looks well loved - but still works.  She looks all smiles here - but let me tell you this little one is full of spunk!!  She definately thinks she rules the roost!
Thanks for stopping by - till next time.  ~Maureen

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