Friday, May 18, 2012

Paisley's Special Day

Last week we celebrated my oldest grand-daughter's 9th birthday with a rainbow theme.  I just cannot believe she is 9.  I remember vividly how my life changed the first time I held her in my arms - and since her I was blessed five more times with grandbabies.  Thank you Lord!  So here's the special girl with her cousin Kamili!  Jenee decorated the house and the patio all in the rainbow theme - it looked so pretty.
We all got to eat some great munchies and visit; and finish with some yummy cupcakes!!  The weather was perfect!
Here she is blowing out her "9" candles!
A fun part of the party was face painting - you can see above that Paisley has a small rainbow and clouds on her cheek - and below Kamili wanted her face just like her older cousin.
But Makai shows off her spunkiness here with her Mardi Gras mask face paint.
Prince decided face-painting was a bit to "girlie" for him - but later on he was playing with his foam dart gun, and Mom put some cute camo face paint under his eyes - I thought I had a picture, but guess not :(
Zamarah was being her stubborn self and just would not let me get a good picture - so I had to snap this one while she was resting on the floor.
Finally Zavian - got his face painted with his favorite thing in the world - a basketball!!
We had a great time celebrating and visiting - stop by tomorrow to see the cute "rainbow" craft we made.  ~Maureen

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