Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our trip up the coast - part II

Wanted to share a couple more pictures the little trip Paul and I were able to take up the coast to Cambria, CA - one of our favorite places to get away.  When you're there - all stress just melts away.   Here is a view out of our door at the Whitewater Inn on Moonstone Beach - how can you beat that!
Here I am just across the street on the boardwalk that goes all along the ocean here.  The beauty is simply amazing.

 Here's Paul up on top of the hill on our drive wine tasting - you can see Morro Bay Rock in the backround behind that haze.
We also got to enjoy a bit of wild life - here is a little bunny who visited us on our morning walk.
And these wild turkeys were out having a great day while we were driving around. 
Cambria is just a wonderful place - hope you all get to go there sometime.  ~Maureen

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