Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Makai is "4"

So this past weekend we had another fun birthday party - we celebrated Makai's Rock Star birthday!!  Here is the great cake Heidi made for her - the zebra print is actually frosting - and the cake was YUMMY!
Here is Makai and her sister Kamili just before the festivities began - what cuties!
Here's the "Candy" Heidi had set up for the party - again the kiddos got to fill up a bag to take home when the party was over.  Heidi's no dummy - she sent them home with all that sugar :)
 Here's the entire candy set up -
and a close up of part of it - she had cute tags on the candies with sayings like -  "groupie gummy bears" and "guitar strap licorice" to "rockin' nerds" and "concert cotton candy" - it was a very FUN day celebrating our birthday girl.
Thanks for stopping by ~ Maureen

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Brenda Rigby Riehle said...

Looks like a beautiful celebration for the birthday girl! I bet it's a special birthday she will never forget. Thanks so much for sharing it.