Thursday, March 22, 2012


So many of you who follow me know that I LOVE my Grandbabies - and recently I found out that number 7 is on the way - due October 25 - Yes, I'm doing the "Happy" Gramma dance :)  Once a month ( or close to it ) I have a Gramma day with one of my grand-kids.  (Sometimes hubby does Papa days too)  I love those days and I wanted to find a special way for them to remember our times together.  So I came across these great kid's journals at the Dollar store no less, and thought they were just the thing -
Here's what they look like just as they come from the store.  I purchased them a few months ago when I only had six grand-children - but something told me to get seven of them - and I did.
What I am going to do now is decorate them with my grandkids.  So Paisley and I decorated her's last week.  She wanted to do the Build A Bear die - so I let her pick the outfit; the paper, etc.  She also did all the running through the Big Shot and the taping.  I think she did a great job!!
Here is the first story that Kamili added to hers when we had our Gramma day - she drew the picture and dictated while I wrote.  We haven't decorated the cover yet - but she also wants Build a Bear.  I hope these all turn out to be wonderful memory books for them to have and keep.  I know I love them!!
Thanks for stopping by - see you soon!  ~Maureen

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Shari Winterstein said...

This is such a wonderful idea for your grandchildren. They will always have this book and a sweet memory of starting it with you. Thanks for blessing my day. :)