Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

So we had a very hectic and crazy Halloween at Heidi's - first we all went down to the church for their Harvest festival. After the kids had their fill they came back to Heidi's and we had food going and tried to get kids dressed up, and all the while answering a ringing doorbell to trick or treaters. We finally got everyone in their costumes and they headed out -
here's Kamili as Belle - Makai as Cinderella - Zavian as the Alien from Toy Story (although he did not like the head gear :) - with his witchy Mama - Heidi - Paisley as our corpse bride - Prince as Luigi -Zamarah as a little witch -
Jenee as a kitty cat -

And finally yours truly as the spider queen! I brought a tan shirt, and an Indiana Jones hat and whip for Paul - and I think he put it on, but before I could take a picture it was off and he was back in his Harley Davidson t-shirt - oh well - there's always next year. It was a great night of fun and we were all very tired the next morning!

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