Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Fun in the Snow -
Now that we finally got our computer back I can catch up on some of my posting - so hopefully you'll be getting things on a regular basis again. So the beginning of January we spent a weekend in Mammoth with the entire family - Here's Paisley sledding down the hill - and here's Prince taking a run down the hill -Here are Paul and Kamili getting ready for a push off - and Aaron giving Kai a ride down - Heidi was up at the top waiting for the kiddos -
and Jenee and Robert were at the bottom so Robert could stop them - it was pretty cold - but a lot of fun.
Here are the guys putting chains on Heidi and Aaron's vehicle just before we left to come home. It was snowing really hard and cars were everywhere putting on their chains. We didn't have to go far though before they were able to take them off. But it was cold, rainy and windy all the way home.

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