Friday, September 8, 2023

Backstage Las Vegas Leadership Conference

So last month I spent several days in Las Vegas at our Stampin' Up! Leadership conference and had an amazing time.  I just wanted to share a bit of it here - both for you and for me!  First are the gifts I made for several friends and my Global Inspiration Team gals - it's this cute little box - 

Filled with a Tennessee staple - lol -

I included this information - 

Moon Pies and Fireflies – two great parts of life in Tennessee.

Moon Pies originated in Tennessee back in the early nineteen hundreds and were supposed to have been made for the coal miners there to make their time underground a little more bearable.  In the 1950’s Moon Pies paired with RC Cola as an affordable and filling snack and each year there is a RC Cola and Moon Pie festival held in June in tiny Bell Buckle, TN – that smiling visitors from all over the world attend.

On a warm summer night in the state of Tennessee, fireflies – also known as lightning bugs – are a common sight.  These insects light up the sky in rural and suburban areas for a few seconds at a time with their tiny yellow-green abdomens. For me they are a nostalgic memory of my childhood in Wisconsin – I just love them.  They are magical and awe inspiring.

Enjoy ~Maureen Rauchfuss, the Crazy Stamping Lady!

Las Vegas Backstage – 8/2023


The event was held at the Red Rock Resort and Casino - which was an amazing place.  Here's the view from our room.  

Great food -
Great Coffee

Great Friends - 

Some wonderful training - 

Lots of fun gifts - 
And they topped it all off with a final night experience of the Cirque du Soleil - Beatles LOVE show
It was all amazing - I had a wonderful time from start to finish - and can't wait till the next time.  Thank you Stampin' Up!  for everything you do for us!

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