Thursday, April 20, 2017

Stampin' Friends April Blog Hop - Birthday Surprise!!!

Welcome to the Stampin' Friends Birthday Surprise Blog Hop!  This month we have 1 amazing guest hopper that you should DEFINITELY check out - Jen Cerizo.   So I really love this theme - everyone loves a birthday surprise!

A bit back Shannon West at Stampin' Up! started a bringing back birthdays campaign and I jumped on the bandwagon.  I will send a hand made birthday card out to anyone that would like one.  I think of it as a ministry as I make the cards and send the cards I say a prayer for the recipient.  Last year I mailed out over 700 and it brought me a lot of joy - this year I'm on track for 1,000.
So I made up a ton of these sweet balloon cards to send out - quick, easy and adorable!!
I thought it was perfect to post for this hop.  We are also supposed to do a little treat holder - which I did last minute, and guess what - my camera quit working - and my phone won't send the picture to my computer.  I have been fighting this battle for two hours, and am giving up tonight.  If all goes well - I'll get it to post in the morning after some sleep.  UPDATE:  Here is my treat holder - very simple little pocket - but can hold candy, money - a gift card.  Would be fun to give with the card -
Took a bit to get my computer working again - but now I think it's all better.  At least praying lol!
So if you are here and there are just cards - stop back later if you get a moment.  Now be sure to continue on the hop by clicking the names below! You’re at Maureen Rauchfuss’ post to help orient yourself.  ~Maureen

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Sue Vine - MissPinksCraftSpot said...

Oh my 1000 cards! that is amazing, and so is this design, I love it!

Stampin' Cafe by Lana said...

What a cute card! I just got the Tasty Treats DSP yesterday. Can't wait to use it!

Lynn Streifert said...

Oh Maureen, don't you hate technology sometimes?? Fingers crossed that you get your project uploaded, would love to see it! The card is just darling, and I'm amazed at your birthday card ministry- good for you!

Unknown said...

Cute card!! Love how you used the DSP as your border with the single line of ice cream cones!

Cathie said...

Awesome card. Great ministry and prayer to go with the card. God bless you. I will celebrate my birthday May 15❤️

Paula Bock said...

Wow 1000 cards! So glad I am one of the recipients! Great happy and cheerful!

Maureen said...

Cathie - email me your full name and address and I'll send a card :)

Melissa Thomas, Sea to Sea Stampin said...

This card is simple and so pretty! LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

OOOOh! I love these - and so simple to recreate but with a BIG wow! Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

You sound so much like my mom. She sends out cards also. I love your clean and simple design.

Twila said...

Wow! That's a lot of cards and stamps. lol I love your card, simple little boarder to the side really adds a finishing touch. Great idea to overlap them and let it show.

Stampin and Scrappin with Steph said...

I love the design, such a great card to create multiples of to have on hand! good luck reaching your 1000! So inspiring!

Barbara Welch said...

Love your simple design and how easy it would be to create multiples. The treat holder looks adorable too.