Friday, December 25, 2015

Best laid plans - hmmmm!

So first of all "Merry Christmas" from these little cuties and from me.  I'll show you a bit more on this money holder later in the post - but first a few thoughts on thinking I'm in charge.  I love Christmas - and all the time of celebrating with family and friends.  I also try really hard to keep the true meaning of the holiday - the birth of Jesus" topmost in my mind.  But along with that I am a planner - it's all in the details :)  So the plan was for our girls and grandkids to all be here by today - do stocking stuffers tonight, gifts in the morning and our big Christmas dinner tomorrow - but......the stomach flu had other things are delayed at least a day.  Now my prayer is that it does not hit any more of our crew.  But events like this are humbling to me and remind me that as much as I would like to be - I am not in charge.  As I grow older I have a better perspective on all of this, and try to realize that our thwarted expectations can make us upset - or help us to grow - and I choose the latter.  Remember that plans can be upset or even fall apart completely, but if we trust that God is truly in charge of all things - it is much easier to take it all in stride.  Wishing the same for all of you as your plans may not come together quite as you planned this holiday season.

Now on to this cute card - above is the front and below is the envelope -
and inside is a little pocket to put your money or check for the recipient.

It's so easy to make - just start with a piece of cardstock 7 1/2" x 9 1/2" score along the longer side at 3 1/2" and 7" and fold to make a tri-fold.  On the shortest section measure in and make a small mark at 1 1/4"  and cut this section diagonally from across from the 2 1/2" mark to the 1 1/4" mark.  Adhere along the two sides as marked and you have a perfect little pocket.  You can make these for an occasion and decorate as you would any card!  Hope you like it - see you soon! and again Merry Christmas to all - no matter what life hands you along the way!   ~Maureen

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