Sunday, November 29, 2015

Personal Post Monday - Thanksgiving Bliss

So we were able to travel back to Southern California for a delightful Thanksgiving with family and friends.  Even though the trip is a bit long it is well worth it to see those we love and hold so dear.  A lot went on while we were there - dinner with friends, family pictures, family dinner out and more - but none more fun than the Thanksgiving celebration.  We had it at my daughter Heidi's home and it was wonderful. The tables were really lovely with wooden box centerpieces filled with all sort of natural beauty.
There were a total of four tables set up to accommodate everyone and each was perfect!
Each place had a special place setting with Indian corn (but a really yummy kind) and little chalkboard name plates.
 There was food....
 and more food ... and even more food - but I couldn't take all the pictures as the people were already digging in!
Here's the table for the boys -
 and one for the girls -
It was such a nice day - full of all of the blessings of the season.  Only downer for the day was that the Packers lost - but hopefully they'll turn that around next game.  Hope you all had a great day too!  Thanks for allowing me a little personal share time.  ~Maureen

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