Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Homemade Mugs :)

So for Christmas this year Paisley and Prince made us mugs.  The first two pictures are of the one that Paisley made for me.  You've got to read what it says, "I love you when you're sad, mad, happy, glad, constipated, loving, angry, blue .... I Love you!!  How cute is that - she is a kick.  I asked her if she knew when I was constipated, and she said no - but it sounded funny - and I agree.  I love it!!  I is my new work mug!
Here is the other side of it -
 She also made one for Papa - obviously he is never constipated :)
 And the other side allows  him to be a "Duck Dynasty" character.
 Here is the one Prince made Papa - this side shows him and Papa together (he loves his Papa) -
 And this side says it all - the fish are a nod to their fishing trip a bit back.   Very sweet!
I'm afraid the baked marker images may wear off - so I'm glad I've captured them in pictures here, as these made us smile.  ~Maureen

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